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4/5/19 - The Arena Bar And Grill, State College, PA

4/20/19 - Route 61 Roadhouse, Sunbury, PA

4/27/19 - LocalEcho's 2nd Annual Pop-Up Festival With Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus, Annapolis, MD

5/3/19 - Beardfest Pre-Party @The Music Ward, Philadelphia, PA

5/4/19 - 1st Annual Fairie Festival @ Spyglass, Sunbury, PA

5/9/19 - 2019 Spring Threestival @Threestival Farms Amphitheater in Duncannon, Pa

5/24/19 - The Abbey Bar @ The Appalachian Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA 

5/31/19 - Tellus 360, Lancaster, PA 

6/1/19 - Rising Embers (Invite-Only) 

June 13-15 - Beardfest 2019, Hammonton, NJ

7/4/19 - Liberty Fest 2019, Liberty, PA

8/2/19 - The Watering Hole, Mays Landing, NJ (10th Annual Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival)

8/7/19 - Musik Fest, Bethlehem, PA

11/1/19 - All Hallows' Rager II : Wonkapocalypse, Lehighton, PA

What the Heck is a Medusa's Disco?

-Alex Aument

Drummer and huge douche bag

Not your typical tango, that's for sure! Medusa's Disco is a very peculiar, high energy, psychedelic rock band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania that has been captivating audiences for 5 years. Within this time, the band has released three full length albums and two EPs. They have performed at multiple music festivals across the east coast ranging from Beardfest (NJ) to Warped Tour, and toured across the United States, all while leaving deep and memorable impressions in their wake. The band exists to cross over to the underworld with Rock n’ Roll; fusing together elements of psychedelic, surf, stoner, indie, progressive, punk rock and even some jazz nuances, Medusa's Disco merges classic and newer rock influences; everything from Led Zeppelin to Primus to Queens of the Stone Age. Their live performances are a spectacle for the eyes and ears. In the forefront are the twin lead guitars and vocals of Hunter Root and Wynton Huddle, whose harmonies have an almost enchanting quality that hearkens back to the likes of Alice in Chains and Led Zeppelin. The band is known for their high energy on stage antics, donning assortments of lipstick and devil horns, and intimate crowd interactions like entering the crowd to sing along and roll around on the turf while belting lyrics to their faces. The rhythm section is at full force with Anthony Procopio on Bass and Alex Aument on drums, passionately pounding out every note while wearing different assortments of strange masks. The Medusa boys are expecting a new album with their current set up soon (Spring 2019).